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Make Up For Ever has come up with a new range of primers referred to as Step 1 - Skin Equalizer. These skin equalizers instantly correct and prepare the skin, for flawless and longer lasting makeup result. The six variants is meant to give a wide range of choice to correct specific skin problems.

It's the season for that radiant illuminating look. You oily-combination girls reading this don't run away just yet. Well actually I went, "No that's just not going to work for me", but I now I'm curious to see if I can pull it off after picking up some tips and tricks at the Bobbi Brown Radiant Beauty Workshop with Bobbi Brown's Manager of Artistry (Asia Pacific), Felix Nguyen. You may have seen photos of him in my Backstage with Bobbi Brown at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014. Yes, the very good looking one.
Eye gels or creams are something I always look forward to trying because all this lack of sleep is not helping my eyes at all. I'm never expecting wonders but a product that will make my eyes looks less tired. This time I've taken the latest release from La Mer for a month long trial.

How cute are these illustrations?! This was me when I first saw the tubes, "So cute!!". Exact words printed on the metal box by the way. Try saying something else the second you set your eyes on them, it won't happen, believe me. L'Occitane collaborated with ELLE Magazine who chose a well-known French illustrator Soledad Bravi to bring you these limited edition hand cream packaging. The hand creams themselves are four of L'Occitane's bestselling scents.

Some time mid last year Origins and Dr. Andrew Weil developed a new formula for the Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Collection. The range is targeted at sensitive skin due to emotional stress and environmental aggressors that will eventually lead to chronic inflammation, redness, dryness and breakouts. Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Collection helps to promote skin resilience, evenness and a healthier appearance with a new cocktail of "miracle worker" ingredients Sea Buckthorn berry, mushrooms long used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other powerful ingredients.

This list isn't as long as my Beauty, Skincare & Fragrance one because I seem to have kept to or went back to old faithfuls. There are however some hair products that I have tried this year that has really made a difference. There's nothing very new with body care but there is something that I can't seem to keep my hands off. Here goes.

Here's something new I decided to do, a favourites post. While compiling products for this post, I realised that 2014 has been more of a skincare year for me. Not that I mind especially since I found a bunch of products that has done wonders for my skin. There have also been colours that I have fallen for, some good tools and fragrances that I have been reaching for more than others. I have reviewed most of the products listed here but there are some that I seem to have missed.