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It's one of those products I have had for quite some time now but never really gotten around to doing a review because I have never been sure whether I would grow to like it.. or just not like it at all. The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Oil Free is for oily skin types and is meant to have oil control properties. I have tried pairing this oil free free primer with various foundation except for Laura Mercier foundation due to colour match issues, but nothing seems to work so far.

I'm sure you guys have seen the TVC for the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet by now, Natalie Portman is perfection as always. Blooming Bouquet is the latest interpretation of Miss Dior, light and fresh.

Feels like I haven't been in front of my laptop in ages. To you guys celebrating the Lunar New Year, hope the year of the goat brings good health, good fortune and loads of happiness. The plan was to wish you guys sooner but unfortunately I wasn't feeling well. I have a lot to catch up on and I am going to start with this new release from Origins that has helped keep my skin in check through out my recovery period. I actually packed it in my hospital bag as part of my basic three step routine. Wasn't going to let the skin suffer just because I was ill. I started using this overnight cream right after I finished experimenting with the La Mer moisturiser.

I was using the La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream on and off last year, not giving it time to properly work on my skin. I kept saying I'll get back to it and only started to use it continuously through out December last year and half of January. I could smack myself hard for not getting back to it sooner because it has been nothing short of amazing.

I thought having a really good night or day cream was the final step to a skin care routine but it seems the Koreans have come up with an extra step. The new Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher is designed to be used as the last step in your daily skincare routine to maximise  the efficacies of skincare and achieving overall natural brightness as well as luminosity.

The Front Door at Grocer's Inn is right smack in Chinatown which I haven't been to in ages. It's a cafe and backpackers hostel housed in one of Chinatown's really old buildings. It opened some time late last year and it's currently running on their soft launch menu but it is enough keep you busy with. The inside is nothing fancy really, kept very much to the original interior and all round minimal with the decor. 

YSL Black Opium came out late last year. I remembering smelling the original Opium, my first thought, oh that's heavy. Second thought, it smells very original and I assume something new at the time, now a very classic fragrance.

Smurf nails! Ok so it's a sky blue but I realised it looked very much like a smurf blue shade after the second coat. Tropical rain surprised me. I have never tried this shade of blue before and it turned out really nice. Looks good on medium tan skin. This creamy textured blue has really micro shimmer that's only obvious under bright lights or the sunny outdoors. Tropical rain comes under the 'Fresh' scent category but I smelled it as sightly musky.